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Chemical plant
TUF group, Intergraph, Smart 3D
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Intergraph Smart® 3D TUF Group:
Intergraph Smart 3D provides all of the capabilities needed to design plant, marine, and materials handling facilities, and then maintain their 3D “as-built” representations.

Intergraph Smart Completions, TUF, technical user forum
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Intergraph Smart® Completions TUF Group

Intergraph Smart Completions for completions and commissioning creates an information foundation for traceability and accountability for custody, control, and work processes, providing a seamless transition to operations and maintenance.

TUF group, Intergraph, Construction
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Intergraph Smart® Construction TUF Group
Construction companies, project management offices, fabricators, and owners can better manage construction resources, materials, and schedules with Smart Construction.

TUF group, CADWorx
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CADWorx® TUF Group
CADWorx is a complete AutoCAD®-based software series for plant design that provides intelligent drawing and database connectivity, advanced levels of automation, and easy-to-use drafting tools.

Hexagon PPM, EcoSys, TUF, User Group
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EcoSys User Group
Project controls professionals, program managers, and all those responsible for project delivery are invited to join us to discuss best practices, industry trends, and the EcoSys project controls platform.

Intergraph Smart Electrical, TUF, technical user forum
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Smart Electrical TUF Group
Intergraph Smart Electrical covers electrical power distribution network needs for the entire life cycle.

TUF group, Intergraph, Smart Materials
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Intergraph Smart® Materials TUF Group
Smart Materials offers total materials management and subcontract management.

TUF group, Visual Vessel Design
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Visual Vessel Design TUF Group
Visual Vessel Design is a comprehensive pressure vessel, shell and tube exchanger, and boiler design and analysis solution.

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Hexagon PPM Information Management TUF Group

Network with users of similar products and stay apprised of the latest news straight from Hexagon PPM's information management team.

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation, TUF, technical user forum
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Smart Instrumentation TUF Group
Intergraph Smart Instrumentation is the industry-leading instrumentation solution.

Intergaph Smart P&ID, TUF group
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Smart® P&ID TUF Group
Smart P&ID helps you develop and manage your P&IDs with a focus on the plant asset.

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The GT STRUDL TUF Group offers powerful structural analysis and design modeling software.

TUF group, Intergraph, Smart Reference Data
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Intergraph Smart Reference Data TUF Group
Smart Reference Data is the software tool for maintaining Reference Data (catalog and specs) for Intergraph Smart® 3D, Intergraph Smart Materials and other enterprise tools. This group also includes Standard Database (SDB) products.

TUF, Intergraph Smart Review
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Intergraph Smart Review TUF Group
Smart Review enables interactive review and analysis of large, complex 3D models. This group also includes SmartPlant Interop Publisher.

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CAESAR II helps you accurately define a piping system analysis model to ensure your plant’s piping systems adhere to international codes and standards.

TUF group, Intergraph, PV ELITE, TANK
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PV Elite® & TANK™ TUF Group
PV Elite helps users create vessel and heat exchanger designs. TANK offers comprehensive oil storage tank design and analysis.

TUF group, Intergraph, Fabrication Solutions
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Hexagon PPM Fabrication Solutions TUF Group
This group serves as an online discussion forum for year-round Spoolgen, Spoolgen Plus, WQMS and Smart Production powered by NESTIX for networking between Super Users.

TUF group, CADWorx Structure
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Intergraph® CADWorx® Structure TUF Group
Intergraph CADWorx® Structure is an AutoCAD-based, fit-for-purpose tool for steel structure designers and engineers who model plant buildings, pipe racks, offshore topsides, and industrial structures that are part of the process, power, and manufacturing plant world.

TUF group, Intergraph, Piping Data Exchange
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Hexagon PPM Piping Data Exchange TUF Group
This group promotes open discussion and knowledge sharing on the topic of Piping Data Exchange using the Isogen® Piping Component File (PCF).