Bring new plants online quickly and operate or revamp existing ones while maintaining essential data.

Consumer Goods

Increase product quality and production output with the safest, most efficient projects and operations.

Food and Beverage

Maximize returns while creating and operating process facilities for global food and beverage customers.

Marine and Shipbuilding

Maintain up-to-date design, engineering and operational data within shipbuilding and marine operations.

Metals and Mining

Optimize mining operations, above and below ground, while maximizing safety and minimizing costs.

Nuclear and Power Generation

Design, engineer, operate, manage and maintain your power generation assets safely and profitably.

Oil and Gas

Lower costs and reduce risk while increasing performance for onshore and offshore oil and gas assets.


Drive faster projects, cut production costs and eliminate unplanned shutdowns for pharmaceutical plants.


Leverage smart data across your utilities’ lifecycle to generate reliable power safely and affordably.