GT STRUDL Dynamic Analysis (TGTS1003E)

09 ноября, 08:00 - 10 ноября, 17:00

Course Description: The objective of this course is to relate structural dynamics methodology to its implementation in GT STRUDL, with a major emphasis on the mode superposition method. The first part of the course will focus on using eigenvalue analysis to solve the free vibration problem for natural frequencies and mode shapes. The second part of the course will present the use of frequency and mode shape results to solve response spectrum, general transient, steady state, and harmonic analysis problems, with particular emphasis on earthquake loads and the response spectrum analysis procedure. The strategy for the course will be to relate the fundamentals of dynamic analysis to stiffness, mass, and damping modeling issues and the use of menus and commands to perform effective solutions. Course Prerequisites: This course is for those engineers who have taken the Basic Static Analysis course, or through experience, are competent in basic GT STRUDL capabilities.