20150423 Introducing Smart Data Validator

Managing the handover of data and documentation from CAPEX projects to operations is a daunting, labor-intensive task. The volumes of data handed over are vast – even a moderate-sized project can contain hundreds of thousands of tags and documents, and millions of individual data items. As important as data handover is during the projects phase, the real value associated with quality data handover shows up in the operations phase. High-quality data is critical to the safe, reliable, and effective operation of any manufacturing facility.

Intergraph Smart™ Data Validator is a comprehensive data validation, transformation, and migration platform that helps you significantly reduce the time and costs associated with ensuring the quality of information as it moves from one source to another. Smart Data Validator helps manage the import, validation, and export of data in easily configurable steps, which provides consistency and traceability of the entire data migration process.

Download this webinar, originally presented on April 23, 2015, to find out how Smart Data Validator can help you:

  • Check the quality of information being transferred
  • Keep records of which checks have been performed and the results obtained
  • Load approved information into target systems
  • Route unapproved information back to responsible parties for remediation