20120327 3D Interop in Smart 3D Integrate Intelligent Data

Recorded on March 27, 2012.

Today’s capital projects are larger and involve more players than those of the past. Even so, they must be completed at lower cost, with fewer errors, and according to a tighter schedule. It’s an increasingly complex environment where designers, engineers, and managers need to quickly access the 3D data they need to see – and only the data they need to see – regardless of the source.

Built upon proven technology of Smart 3D, 3D Interop offers a new set of tools for executing the next generation of capital projects with the technical sophistication and logistical agility they demand. It does so by simplifying your project configuration instead of making it more complex. 3D Interop offers quick, effective integration of multiple 3D models from PDS®, PDMS, Tekla, CADWorx®, MicroStation, AutoCAD, CAESAR II®, or even multiple Smart 3D sources.

This webinar will introduce you to 3D Interop, formerly known as Reference 3D (R3D). It will provide an overview of the underlying technology, the basic workflows supported, and the set of powerful new features included in the upcoming Intergraph Smart™ 3D 2011 R1 release.