Intergraph Smart® Standard Database for Hangers and Supports

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A standard database catalog of dozens of support types covering multiple industries around the world, the Intergraph Smart® Standard Database (SDB) for Hangers and Supports has been designed to cover 80 percent of pipe support modeling needs of our customers. This product is a must-have for all customers of Intergraph Smart 3D, both new and existing.

This product is the culmination of many years of development work and encapsulates standard engineering practices from all over the world and across many industries. While its name might suggest so, SmartPlant® Reference Data or the SDB are NOT prerequisites to use this product.

Better data quality for owner operators projects & operations

Improved decision-making

Dramatically reduces document search and validation time, automatically discovers hidden content avoiding, providing the right base for decision making


Enables off-site access and team collaboration, avoiding travel costs and the hazards associated with on-facility work

Increased safety

Increases safety and regulatory compliance by providing fast access to required information

Intergraph has helped us by providing software which is able to characterize all of these tags. Significant cost reductions can be found when we use the automated software like what SmartPlant Fusion does for us.

Jacek Morawski
Engineering Director, Amec Foster Wheeler, Oil & Gas Canada

Intuitive, single point of access to documents and data

Multiple readers

Supports readers for data, documents, diagrams, images, 3D models, and Leica TruView laser scans

Master document

Reveals document revisions and duplicates and helps you determine the best master


Helps you “find what you need from what you know” by linking objects to their related documents

Quality control

Provides Quality Control for correction and completion of document attributes and relationships


Allows visualization and navigation via 3D models and high-definition surveys (if available)


Includes a reporting and charting engine with standard reports for document lists, tag lists, document status, tag-document relationships, and more

Introducing Intergraph Smart® Standard Database for Hangers and Supports

This webinar focuses on describing this new product and illustrating how it can be a benefit to your organization. The SDB for Hangers and Supports is a catalog of 100 support types and more than 300 sample supports that can be easily customized from Excel only – no programming required.

Increase Productivity with Intergraph Smart 3D Hangers and Equipment
Intergraph Smart 3D users will see some of the most significant new features for hangers and equipment.

These items are be covered in the one-hour webinar:
  • What a UDF is and why it is useful.
  • How to run the UDF wizard.
  • Run the UDF wizard for equipment.
  • Use the UDF wizard for hangers symbols.
  • Run the UDF wizard for a hangers assembly.
  • Customize the Hangers Assembly UDF – enhance it with bitmaps change, radio buttons, check buttons, etc.
  • Compile the UDF.
  • Show how to bulkload the assembly so the system knows there is a UDF.
  • Place/modify the assembly to see the UDF.
Intergraph Smart® 3D

Intergraph Smart® 3D is the world’s first and only next-generation 3D design solution specifically tailored for plant, offshore, shipbuilding, and the metals and mining industries, employing a breakthrough engineering approach that leverages real-time concurrent design, rules, relationships, and automation.