Operations & Maintenance


Operations and maintenance personnel often struggle to manage large volumes of unstructured, unintelligent information – such as data sheets, drawings and other documents - which are often duplicated in various folders and databases throughout an organization. Many industrial sites across the world also still rely on paper, spreadsheets, word processor documents and other scattered data collection methods to manage safety-critical human business processes and procedures like shift handover. To address these challenges, Hexagon solutions are used across industries to help reduce operational risk, digitize operations and meet compliance.

SDx Operations

HxGN SDx Operations

HxGN SDx® Operations is an information management solution designed for digital transformation by addressing this challenge in practical, cost-effective ways. Create a safe and efficient operation in your facility by putting the power of information in the hands of your facility workers.

SDx Operations

HxGN SDx InsightView Dashboard

Get a high-level overview of your human operations procedures, maintenance work orders, real-time and historical process data, engineering schematics and technical documentation on one dashboard!

j5 Shift Operations Management

j5 Shift Operations Management

j5 Shift Operations Management provides a tried-and-tested operations management solution with spreadsheet-like configurability and enterprise scalability. It comprises the j5 Operations Logbook, j5 Shift Handover, j5 Standing Orders and j5 Work Instructions. It also includes j5 IndustraForm® Templates and the j5 IndustraForm Designer.

j5 Operator Rounds

j5 Operator Rounds

j5 Operator Rounds allows for full traceability and transparency of records. Configured in a familiar spreadsheet-like environment, it breaks down information silos and results in information accuracy and consistent procedure execution.

j5 Mobility

j5 Mobility

j5 Mobility allows personnel to collect measurements or observations in the field with industry-standard mobile devices. j5 Mobility can be used to record manual data that is missing from industrial software like Data Historians.

j5 Process Safety

j5 Process Safety

The j5 Process Safety applications — j5 Control of Work, j5 Incident Management and j5 Management of Change — digitize maintenance and process safety procedures that are often recorded and managed using multiple inadequate tools like paper, spreadsheets and word processor documents.

Straightforward Digitization in Operations Management

j5 IndustraForm Templates

j5 IndustraForm® Templates allow companies to consolidate their paper and electronic forms into a single, configurable enterprise system. This provides version-controlled templates created with the spreadsheet-like j5 IndustraForm Designer.

j5 Connectors

j5 Connectors

j5 Operations Management Solutions allow for comprehensive, real-time connection with Data Historians, the CMMS, the DCS and engineering data. This leads to consistency across departments, seamless access to information and significant time savings.

j5 Dashboards

j5 Dashboards, Reports and Views

j5 Dashboards, Reports and Views bring information together from all corners of a plant – from control room and field to management, the DCS and the CMMS. This empowers users with a central reporting system that captures crucial information from all of these data sources.

j5 Action Management

j5 Action Management

j5 Action Management allows users to assign, define, manage and track actions with a standard workflow. Users can monitor and complete tasks with clean dashboards, reports and email notifications. These can be customized to each user, job role or action source.

PAS AlarmManagement™

Implement industry-wide best practices to optimize alarm systems and improve operator effectiveness.

PAS Automation Integrity™

Collect and contextualize OT/ICS configurations from the sensor to the cloud and automate change management.

PAS ControlWizard™

Monitor and assess the performance of all your control loops to improve process safety and reliability.

PAS Cyber Integrity®

Protect Industrial Control Systems with comprehensive inventory, vulnerability, configuration, compliance, backup/recovery and risk management across OT/ICS endpoints (Level 0 to 3.5).

PAS InBound®

Create a master database of operational limits to ensure alignment across all sources of record and analyze performance against those limits.

PAS IPL Assurance®

Gain visibility into the performance of your Independent Protection Layers (IPL) to assure your operations are safe to run.

PAS TuneWizard™

Implement effective tuning to ensure optimal and robust control loop performance.