Hexagon PPM's Amazing Race

Last month the Hexagon PPM Southeast Asia team stepped away from their desks in pursuit of some outdoor adventure and fun.

sea amazing race

The Amazing Race Challenge in Thailand

As part of our team building program, Hexagon put on an extraordinary Amazing Race style event 14th - 16th November 2019 at Krabi, located in southern Thailand between Phang Nga and Trang.

A total 76 staff from the South-East Asia region, incorporating Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand participated in the two-day action-packed event.

Just like the popular TV show, to win the game the teams must complete a variety of physical and mental challenges in a giant race to the final checkpoint.

Out teams utilised 8 minivans to maneuver their way around the bustling Krabi Town. As we were in Thailand the program featured many local cultural challenges such as Muay Thai boxing, traditional dancing and performances, batik painting and a Temple Quest.

One by one the teams raced against time from one challenge to the next, until all courses were completed, and the grand winners were announced. Though there could only be one grand winner in the end, the event was thoroughly enjoyed by participants and spectators alike.

Our team building programs are a fun way to get staff away from their seats and interacting with one another. Team events such as this strengthen relationships, team collaboration and build trust. These skills are invaluable and add to the success of our organisation and people.