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Adapting OT/ICS Cybersecurity Strategy – Lesson Learned from COVID-19 Pandemic

Operational technology cybersecurity is a crucial part of operational safety and security. These industries are at risk of numerous environmental, human and physical disruptions, which can start locally or regionally and cascade across multiple industries. Securing these critical infrastructures against continuous changes requires constant vigilance.

The OT cybersecurity team must focus on executing an OT cybersecurity strategy that includes: 

  • Plans to strengthen their existing OT asset
  • Configuration management best practices to address gaps and ensure compliance with internal and external cybersecurity standards

In this presentation, we will discuss:

  • The OT cybersecurity strategy that critical infrastructures OT team adapts
  • How OT cybersecurity strategies are aligned with overall company strategy
  • The gap OT cyber teams planned to close 
  • The COVID-19 pandemic's impact on OT cybersecurity strategy
  • What critical infrastructures look for while evaluating OT solution providers under challenging conditions
  •  Why critical infrastructures select PAS' Cyber Integrity as their OT asset and configuration management solution
  • How PAS helps clients meet OT cybersecurity goal despite the global pandemic