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CAESAR II Fundamentals Courses

Improve your pipe stress analysis efficiency. This course guides you step-by-step as you learn to model your piping geometry, error check and analyze it, then review your results. Watch a brief overview video.

The course consists of a series of online videos that will give users the opportunity to quickly learn how to navigate and use many of the features in the software. Certificates are issued for each course completed.

The specially designed training program takes you step-by-step through modeling the three examples discussed in ASME B31.3 Piping Code, Appendix S using the CAESAR II pipe stress analysis software. The last lesson works with a line imported from a 3D CAD modeling system, and you'll use a number of software features as you edit the line to increase its flexibility. Learn more.

Course 1: Introduction

The course goes step-by-step through modeling the three examples discussed in ASME B31.3 using the CAESAR II pipe stress analysis software

The course includes 33 comprehensive training videos as well as a 200+ page workbook that includes a copy of ASME B31.3, Appendix S.

Code-based examples

The CAESAR II models are built using the same measurements and parameters as code examples which are then analyzed, and the results compared to the code results. This gives the course an excellent basis around which to explore many of the screens, commands, and features available in CAESAR II.

Intergraph® CAESAR II®

CAESAR II®, el software de análisis de flexibilidad y tensión de tuberías más usado en el mundo, es una solución completa que permite el análisis rápido y preciso de sistemas de tuberías sujetos a una amplia variedad de cargas, teniendo en cuenta el peso, la presión, las condiciones térmicas, sísmicas y otras estáticas y dinámicas, en función de variables definidas por el usuario y las pautas...