Empowered Engineer

Get more projects and better utilize valuable resources with Empowered Engineer.

“The Empowered Engineer solution allows our work to continue seamlessly, with minimal interruptions or iterations so we can stay on schedule, saving valuable engineering and design time while maintaining, or potentially reducing, budgeted hours.” – William Fronheiser, Principal Structural Designer, Linde

Employ a breakthrough engineering approach that leverages integrated technologies to execute even the largest and most complex projects, leading to faster completion and reduced work hours.

Want to reduce your design time? Looking to avoid wrong design and late changes that hold up construction schedules? Need to improve inter-discipline communication and streamline data to fabrication? Ready to stop ordering the wrong quantities or type of material that run up costs?

The Empowered Engineer solution can help you break through these barriers and enable engineers to do their job better and improve your business outcomes. Through automation, multidiscipline design and integration across technologies, you can vastly improve design consistency and reduce your man-hours.

Empowered Engineer gives a competitive edge to EPCs and Owner Operators alike.


Integrated Business Processes:

Engineering Design Process

Handover of Design to Fabrication
Handover of Design to Fabrication

Combine The Sales Process with Production - Digital Spool Fabrication
Construction Planning

Measure Improvements Across Your Organization In:

Asset Management, icon
Project Schedule

Manage Change - Digital Spool Fabrication
Change Orders

Efficiency - Digital Spool Fabrication
Less Resources

Reap the Financial Benefits:

Confident Startup - Savings
Improve Gross Margin

Confident Startup - Savings
Reduce Labor Cost

Confident Startup - Savings
Reduce IT Cost