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Potential of Digital Transformation in the EMIA Region
Potential of Digital Transformation in the EMIA Region

What are the key possibilities and challenges digital transformation brings to the EMIA region? We asked Philippe Marceau, Hexagon PPM Executive Vice President EMIA, for his insights.

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Oil & Gas Digital Transformation Q&A
Oil & Gas Digital Transformation Q&A

Dr. Huck Poh, senior consultant to Asia-Pacific’s oil and gas industry, addresses the challenges and opportunities facing the industry on the road to digital transformation.

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Hexagon PPM Insight Magazine, Issue 42 - Digital Transformation
Insight Magazine, Issue 42

Insight magazine is published to inform and educate professionals about technology and issues pertaining to the design and operation of the world's largest industrial facilities. Read this issue of Insight magazine to learn how Hexagon PPM is helping customers digitally transform.

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Solution Spotlight

With 50 years of experience in delivering the leading industry software solutions, Hexagon PPM's Solution Spotlights are carefully created packages that digitally transform work processes, leading to greater productivity and return for our customers.

Empowered Engineer
Empowered Engineer
Get more projects and better utilize valuable resources with Empowered Engineer.
Digital Transformation - Connected Worker
Connected Worker
Launch your Connected Worker strategy to improve the effectiveness of your workforce with access to the information they need.
Digital Transformation - Shift Excellence
Shift Excellence
Improve continuity throughout shift changes and break down traditional departmental silos to operate the plant as one team.
Digital Transformation - Piping & Fabrication
Digital Fabricator
Continue the digital chain from engineering to construction through a transparent and real time view of the fabrication process.
Digital Transformation - Confident Startup
Confident Startup
Challenge the status quo of poor project performance and combat delayed completions and mitigate confusion and startup uncertainty.
Digital Transformation - Project Performance
Enterprise Project Performance
Connect organizational strategy with tactical project execution to maximize returns for owners and margins for contractors.
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Digital Transformation - Operational Twin
Operational Twin
An operational twin is the plant’s as-is, transactional, and time-series data: the aspect of a digital twin specifically for operations.
Situational Awareness
Know what has happened, what is happening, and what is scheduled to happen in the future.
Digital Supply Chain & Productive Labor
Efficiently manage the project lifecycle from the materials acquisition and planning to construction and handover.
Covestro Digital Transformation Quote
Dr. Markus Steilemann, CEO of Covestro

“Whatever can be done digitally, will be done digitally”

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Digital Transformation Webinar
Webinar: The Digital Transformation of Progress Measurement

Driven by digital transformation initiatives, progress data today can be reported more quickly and more precisely than ever before. This webinar discusses trends and technology that are improving progress measurement, a vital input for determining project productivity and forecasts.

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Oil and Gas Digital Transformation
Build a Digital Transformation Ecosystem

Based on new survey data and consultation with senior industry figures, this report helps senior leaders come to grips with the practical aspects of digital disruption.

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Project Excellence Digital Transformation
Project and Operational Excellence

Digital transformation demands continual improvement and evolving cultural and procedural change. Hexagon PPM has created two white papers to guide customers through this journey: --The Path to Perfect Project Performance --Changing Corporate Culture and Organizations to Introduce New Ways of Working

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Resource Center - Digital Transformation Content
Digital Transformation Resources
Hexagon PPM's Resource Center is focused on delivering the most up-to-date content about digital transformation as well as providing customers with the latest product information and industry research.