The decommissioning of offshore oil and gas facilities, nuclear power plants, and chemical plants is a complex technical and administrative process. To support decommissioning projects we offer solutions to capture the design basis for legacy facilities where this is not already available so that decommissioning activities can be planned effectively. Project control solutions are available to manage cost and scheduling. 3D immersive technologies enable complex operations to be planned and rehearsed in advance reducing risk and improving effectiveness.

At every step of the way

3D Design and Visualization

for Decommissioning

Intergraph Smart 3D
Intergraph Smart 3D is the world’s first and only next-generation 3D design solution specifically tailored for plant, offshore, shipbuilding, and the metals and mining industries, employing a breakthrough engineering approach that leverages real-time concurrent design, rules, relationships, and automation.

Intergraph CADWorx
Intergraph CADWorx Plant Design Suite is an integrated, complete AutoCAD- and BricsCAD-based software series for plant design that provides intelligent drawing and database connectivity, advanced levels of automation, and easy-to-use drafting tools.

PDS is a comprehensive, intelligent computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) application for plant design, construction, and operations.

SmartPlant Review
Intergraph SmartPlant Review is your problem-solving 3D visualization tool. It is ideal for the visualization and engineering animation specialist who uses the software daily or the occasional user who needs to review designs and use the 3D model as a graphical interface to access project data linked to the model.

SmartPlant Freeview
Intergraph FreeView; is a free viewer to open Intergraph®’s 3D models (VUE files) for display and navigation of process, power, and marine projects.

Intergraph Smart Laser Data Engineer
Intergraph Smart Laser Data Engineer overcomes the biggest productivity challenges in using point cloud data with JetStream’s state-of-the-art point cloud rendering performance and centralized point cloud administration.

Intergraph Smart Laser Data Manager
Intergraph Smart Laser Data Manager provides a full office workflow to import, register, validate, manage, and render point clouds when working with CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart 3D.

Engineering and Schematics

for Decommissioning

SmartPlant P&ID
SmartPlant P&ID helps you develop and manage your piping and instrumentation diagrams with a focus on the plant asset.

SmartPlant Instrumentation
SmartPlant Instrumentation offers a single engineering environment to create and manage instrumentation data, as well as create and manage change consistently across required deliverables.

SmartPlant Electrical
Electrical engineers have to be flexible and quick with last-minute load changes and additions. SmartPlant Electrical is fit for the job, with powerful capabilities such as design re-use, rules to check the design, cable management, and scenario-based design of distribution systems for cases like summer, winter, and start-up.

SmartPlant Explorer
SmartPlant Explorer provides easy access to data from the SmartPlant Enterprise Engineering & Schematics solution suite.


Asset Information Management

for Decommissioning

HxGN SDx Projects
HxGN SDx Projects addresses the need of capital projects to have effective communication and collaboration through the secure exchange of information deliverables between project stakeholders.

SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators
SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators leverages the engineering design basis to provide an extensive portfolio of integrated, pre-configured solutions addressing key owner operator work processes across the plant life cycle..

SmartPlant® Fusion
This automated engineering solution helps reduce document search and validation time, extract intelligence from unstructured data from contractors, and discover inconsistencies during project execution.

Projects Performance

for Decommissioning

The standard for driving superior capital projects performance

Intergraph Smart Cloud

for Decommissioning

Intergraph Smart Cloud
Intergraph Smart Cloud brings the suite of Intergraph Smart Enterprise Portal, third party solutions, and in-house applications all within reach.

Success Throughout the Life Cycle of Your Facility with Hexagon PPM Solutions

The way to ensure success throughout the life cycle of your facility is simple: integrated and data-centric solutions that enable sharing of data between different processes, systems, and disciplines. Visit our interactive CEROS experience and take a journey through a process facility to see how smarter engineering software helps owner operators facilitate success.

Intergraph Document Management and Control Solution

The Intergraph Document Management and Control Solution offers a common engineering data platform throughout the asset life cycle, from the early stages of a greenfield project through to asset decommissioning.

Four Facts about Decommissioning

More oil and gas fields around the world are coming to the end of their life cycle, while at the same time over 400 nuclear reactors worldwide have been retired from operation. What are the decommissioning challenges, opportunities, and what does engineering information have to do with it all?