Hexagon PPM streamlines construction and engineering to meet the specific needs of construction companies, project management offices, fabricators, and owners in managing construction resources, materials, and schedules. These solutions promote better planning and management by incorporating the dynamic inputs from engineering, procurement, fabrication, site materials management, and craft labor plans into a solution.

Take advantage of data interfaces and true integration and benefit the entire engineering, procurement, construction, and operations value chain. Our Procurement, Fabrication & Construction solutions combine better estimating, detailed tracking of material and costs, and smarter budget-driven purchasing to ensure “right price, right time, right place” on-site delivery of materials. It enables effective construction planning by identifying a continuous material status, such as purchasing, shipping, and arrival on-site dates.

At every step of the way

3D Design and Visualization

for Construction

Intergraph Smart Reference Data
Intergraph Smart Reference Data provides materials libraries at the corporate and project levels and enables better standardization and change management.

Standard Database for Smart Reference Data
Standard Database for Smart Reference Data is a pre-configured, recommended best practice solution to enable rapid implementation of enterprise reference data management and/or materials management.

SmartPlant Isometrics
SmartPlant Isometrics, powered by Isogen, is an easy-to-use yet powerful Microsoft Windows-based, specification-driven, pipe-sketching application for the as-built plant.

Procurement, Fabrication, and Construction

for Construction

Intergraph Smart Construction
The market-leading solution trusted by construction planners around the world.

Intergraph Smart Materials
Intergraph Smart Materials provides total materials management and subcontract management for plants and projects.

Intergraph Smart Yard
Intergraph Smart Yard leverages the engineering design basis to provide an extensive portfolio of integrated, preconfigured solutions addressing yards’ key work processes across the project life cycle.

Intergraph Smart Production Powered by NESTIX
Smart Production controls the entire production process from digital design to parts fabrication through the completion of subassemblies, pipe spools, panels and module/block assemblies.

SmartPlant Spoolgen
SmartPlant Spoolgen is a proven, industrial-strength application that enables the creation of piping isometric drawings for fabrication and erection from the design created during the detail engineering phase of projects.

Isogen is the most widely used software for the automated generation of piping isometric drawings.

Isogen Publisher
Isogen Publisher helps to unlock the data behind the drawings and make it available to other applications which need it. It is the most widely used software for the automated generation of piping isometric drawings.

Asset Information Management

for Construction

HxGN SDx Projects
HxGN SDx Projects addresses the need of capital projects to have effective communication and collaboration through the secure exchange of information deliverables between project stakeholders.

Project Controls and Portfolio Management

for Construction

The standard for driving superior capital projects performance

Saipem uses SmartPlant Spoolgen in Fabrication and Construction

"We had a variety of objectives to meet by adopting a new solution. The main project goal was to produce shop drawings more easily. The natural solution was to adopt a package that could take advantage of the data that PDS was already producing to integrate the fabrication activity. That is why we chose SmartPlant Spoolgen.”

Ulisse Beretta, business application manager at Saipem

The Alberta Oil Sands Project

Learn how Hood Group, JV Driver, and PCL have achieved success using Intergraph SmartPlant Spoolgen for the creation of isometric drawings, bills of material, material specifications and other deliverables required for the fabrication of modules that compose these production plants.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction

Hyundai Engineering & Construction (HDEC) is one of Korea’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction firms, with experience in project execution across a range of industries. Read how HDEC commenced a pilot implementation of Intergraph Smart® Construction, Hexagon PPM's integrated solution for construction planners.

Procurement, Fabrication & Construction Integration

Procurement, fabrication, and construction represent a complex balancing act between profit-making and risk-taking that requires effective planning and control. The PF&C solution is made up of Intergraph Smart® Materials, Spoolgen®, and Smart Construction. This video will show how these products are integrated to provide smooth handovers, quality delivery, easier planning and effective resource management.

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