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Modern Lean Project Execution: Beyond Connecting Design to Engineering Are you passing massive amounts of analysis data back and forth on paper? Don't waste a high-cost stress engineer's time to re-create project models and data in their analysis workflows.
Shift Excellence: Employing the Human Sector By managing human processes with real-time data on one platform, workers can have faith in their operations.
See How AspenTech, Hexagon Streamline Engineering Processes Hexagon interviewed AspenTech’s Vikas Dhole, vice president of engineering product management, to gain insight into what the enhanced collaboration with Hexagon PPM will mean to customers as they seek to improve engineering and design processes.
Continue the Digital Chain: Engineering > Construction > Fabrication Hexagon fabrication solutions feature a unique bottom-up approach to control the complete production process within yards and fabricators, based on Industry 4.0 concepts.
Release of Intergraph Smart 3D 2019 Expands Design into Operations The new version enhances how customers meet their business outcomes for safe, efficient, sustainable design. 
Download August 2019 Desktop Calendar Make this your desktop image for August ... courtesy Sudheer Velicheti | Linde Engineering India Pvt., Ltd. | India.
3D Design and the Evolution of the Bicycle The first bicycle or ‘velocipede’ was invented in the early 1800s and looked very different to the ones we know today. However, you might be surprised to learn how many "modern" bicycles design features aren’t so modern after all. Discover why this matters to today's 3D design.
From Product-centered Push to Outcome-based Conversation We are making a deliberate pivot to how we are addressing the customers segments and industries we serve. Our philosophy is to focus on customer outcomes that deliver the most measurable business benefits. 
SDS/2 and Intergraph Smart 3D: 'We Have Taken the Problem Away' Intergraph Smart 3D is leveraging its integration with SDS/2's new module for structural and civil engineering tools to improve inter-discipline communication and streamline data to fabrication. This eliminates the need for an external tool to pass back information.
From Moon Launches to Shift Endings: Getting Them Safely Home In 1969, two men – whose work with IBM helped create rocket technology that took man to the moon – created the company that is now Hexagon PPM. Much like NASA, our focus is innovation ... and getting our people safely home.