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Learn more about Intergraph Smart Yard - watch the video now Watch the video Intergraph Smart Yard to learn more about this product.
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Deadline approaching: enter the 2015 golden valve and platinum pipe awards competitions. Don't miss the deadlines to enter the 2015 Golden Valve and Platinum Pipe Awards competitions!
Fabrication Coffee Break: piping life cycle work preparation In this edition of the Fabrication Coffee Break, fabrication management expert David Myall explains Work Preparation, the second step in the piping life cycle. In this session, David explains what happens to piping data once it is finished in 3D design and been handed on to piping fabrication.
Engineering Coffee Break: a path to intelligent plant assets In this edition of the Engineering Coffee Break, engineering expert Frank Joop talks about how you can move from CAD based plant documents to intelligent plant assets more gradually to lower risk and costs.
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