Streamlined construction planning: the megaproject Holy Grail

Streamlined construction planning: the mega project Holy Grail

For most construction managers, life in an ideal world is actually fairly simple.

It would look something like this: construction teams taking delivery of work packages that are ready to install in environments where all materials and the information required to complete the work are available at the beginning of a construction shift.

The end result of this scenario would be a supervisor who is able to spend most of his time with his crew and doing his job as it was originally intended – managing the day-to-day strategy, quality, and progress of construction.

Unfortunately, on many construction sites, the reality is far different. Supervisors often spend large chunks of time negotiating their way around missing materials and information. They work with information and decisions that have been made months earlier in other organizations, sometimes disconnected from theirs. They have typically no control over the format and types of information that gets passed to them. This means they spend as little as 15 percent of their time actually supervising their teams and can't get on with the job of installing the final work packages. This is extremely detrimental to overall productivity and is a huge contributing factor to the cost overruns and schedule delays that plague the industry.

But the (multi-billion dollar) question remains … What is causing this and what could be done to remedy it?

I have just published a new article on LinkedIn which discusses possible solutions to this issue in greater depth. Please join me to continue this discussion on LinkedIn.

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Pieter Dubbelman Account Management Consultant at Intergraph PPM

Pieter Dubbelman
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