The Role of Data-Centric Technology and Collaboration in Driving Success for the Oil & Gas Industries

Data-Centric Technology

Today's Intergraph GetSmart! Blog features a great presentation by Harry Brekelmans, Projects & Technology Director at Royal Dutch Shell, given during the GE Oil & Gas 2016 Annual Meeting in Florence, Italy, in February 2016. Mr. Brekelmans' topic was “Value creation and partnership in a challenging business environment.”

Mr. Brekelmans reasoned that one of the key areas of improvement for oil and gas companies is deploying affordable, efficient technology.  

"The third area of improvement is affordable technology," he said. "This must be deployed quickly to increase the value or reduce the cost of projects and to enhance their operational reliability, productivity and profitability."

He also shared an example of a Royal Dutch Shell project where affordable technologies have been utilized:

"ProjectVantage is a suite of IT applications that we in Shell are using to deliver safer, faster, better projects. It does this by adopting a data-centric point of view instead of the usual document-centric approach. In other words, all the data related to a project – the equipment specifications, the construction schedules, the part numbers – are kept in a “cloud” database that is tightly linked to the thousands of documents constituting the execution plans. This enables the data to be kept evergreen.”

Another point in the presentation was improving performance through collaboration between vendors in the oil and gas industries. 

"There have been cases where the industry as a whole has collaborated with a united purpose," he said. "Remember our safety journey. Why then, shouldn’t we do the same again, but this time, with an eye on capital efficiency and overall industry costs? Such an effort is not only important given today’s low oil price. It’s essential to the sustainable future of the oil and gas industry." 

You can read Mr. Brekelmans’ entire speech here. A video further explaining Shell’s ProjectVantage is available for viewing here. For more information about a cloud-based data-centric engineering solution, please visit the Intergraph SmartPlant Cloud website.

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