New report: Completion, handover and commissioning

Systems CompletionIn today’s competitive market, profits are lower and the drive to minimize costs is stronger than ever. Demanding schedules coupled with growing size and complexity are putting projects at risk. To put it simply – projects can no longer be executed the way they were 20 or 30 years ago. We must start sooner, plan better, and work smarter to ensure that projects are successful.

Better understanding is needed of the impact to the project when changes occur. This requires more visibility of the design and how the components and deliverables interrelate. When the start-up/commissioning team is engaged early on in the project, they can identify design issues that otherwise would be found in the field. These late changes are one of the leading causes for project delays during handover and commissioning. 

Effective punchlist management is another key to success. Too often punch items are not properly prioritized which can lead to a minor issue bottlenecking progress. Reducing the overall number of punch items and properly evaluating them to ensure that resolution is aligned with the overall start-up schedule is essential for a smooth transition.

Finally, the quality of the information used to execute systems completion has a direct impact on the project in terms of resolving questions in the field, scoping activities, number of punch items and non-conformities, coordination, and communication.

We have created a new report discussing these issues - "Completion, handover and commissioning: The ultimate 7-step checklist for faster operational readiness - in response to the ongoing feedback we receive from our customers. We hope it opens the door for the industry to discuss the issues that are commonly experienced during project completion and commissioning.

You can download the report here. We hope that you find it useful.