Specialty Chemical EPC Leader Implements SmartPlant Enterprise, SmartPlant 3D

Chematur Engineering, recognized as a world leader in the complete design, delivery, construction, and commissioning of specialty chemical production plants, has standardized on Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise, beginning with SmartPlant 3D and SmartPlant Foundation. With SmartPlant Enterprise providing access to more accurate and consistent project data, Chematur expects to reduce the total installed cost of a plant by more than 10 percent.

“Intergraph SmartPlant 3D has the best potential in the market,” says Katarina Gustavson, Chematur’s manager of SmartPlant 3D. “Intergraph delivers the future of engineering today. … With SmartPlant 3D and the worksharing, it is easier because we can cooperate from different places."

“The crucial aspects for us would be the global worksharing and the possibility of integration between other SmartPlant products,” she adds. “If we are working in the SmartPlant 3D model, with the integration with SmartPlant Foundation as the hub, you can retrieve data from SmartPlant P&ID so that you can get the correct information directly by selecting one pipeline or weld, for example, you will get the correct data into SmartPlant 3D.”

SmartPlant Enterprise is the latest generation of Intergraph plant design and information management technology. The solution offers a powerful portfolio of best-in-class applications, which customers can deploy individually or as a flexible, integrated enterprise solution – allowing an organization to successfully unleash the untapped value of data often restricted by silo-centric communication and execution.

To learn more about SmartPlant Enterprise and SmartPlant 3D in use at Chematur and other industry leaders, download Insight Magazine’s Special Focus on SmartPlant 3D and view our video on YouTube.