Owner Operators: A Special Focus Edition of Insight

Owner operators currently face unprecedented demands and one of the most uncertain market situations since the Great Depression.  Nobody really knows the precise timing of how the markets will balance between the unpredictable trends in energy conservation, consumer demand, emerging economy development, and carbon minimization/trading. In any such situation of many unknowns, the wise do not invest their time on the uncertainties of global market demand, rather they focus their efforts on what they can control to be competitive in whatever future may arise:  Risk Management and Cost Structure. 

Owner operators are increasingly partnering with Intergraph for success both risk management and cost reduction. Intergraph’s SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators is a proven solution that provides opportunity to increase transparency, reduce costs and increase productivity, both in CAPEX and OPEX phases of asset lifecycle.  

Read the complete issueIn the new Owner Operator: A Special Focus Edition of Insight, read how a variety of owner operators have used Intergraph solutions to speed time to market and reduce costs. Included are customer success stories:

  • "Nynas Chooses SmartPlant Enterprise for Refinery Productivity Gains"
  • "PTTEP Creates Enterprise Engineering Hub"
  • "Vietsovpetro Stays on Top of Offshore Design"
  • "Neste Oil Takes Steps for a Cleaner Future"
  • 'Suncor Meets Tight Schedule with Intergraph SmartPlant 3D"

In addition, this special focus contains industry perspectives provided by Adrian Park of Intergraph, Sid Snitkin of ARC Advisory Group, and Joe Morray of Trinity Technologies. 

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