World’s largest renewable diesel facilities designed with SmartPlant Enterprise

Päiväkuva Porvoon laitoksestaNeste Oil, a refining and marketing company focusing on advanced, cleaner traffic fuels, has developed NExBTL renewable diesel, the cleanest diesel in the world made from renewable raw materials. A 800,000 t/a NExBTL plant in Singapore and similar-sized plant in Rotterdam are currently under construction and are due to come online in 2010 and 2011 respectively. These will be the world’s largest renewable diesel facilities. 

Technip Italy is performing the EPC work for the Singapore and Rotterdam plants with a requirement that Intergraph applications are the main engineering tools used for the project. Neste Oil chose Intergraph because it can maintain its plant data in the native data format after commissioning. The company also made this decision because the majority of global engineering contractors use Intergraph applications.

Neste Oil chose SmartPlant Foundation as the document management system for its NExBTL renewable diesel plants. The main reason was that the product is part of the SmartPlant Enterprise and is specifically designed for efficient plant document management. Plus, the system offers the potential to expand to manage plant data and 3D models. SmartPlant Foundation will be linked to Neste Oil’s maintenance management system. Read the Insight article.

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