Shaping Smart Change

Shape matters to Hexagon. Shape conveys form and being, thought and influence.

The shape of the Hexagon PPM icon symbolizes how we help our customers create, visualise and manage some of the world’s greatest structures and facilities throughout the life cycle of the asset. As the leading global provider of engineering and plant design tools, our PPM business enables smarter design, construction and operation of large-scale global capital projects through the innovation and strength of our enterprise engineering solutions.

The PPM graphic identifier captures this core purpose, the three triangles converging to represent a meeting of technologies for improved capital project delivery. This points to how PPM is shaping smart change to help improve the lives of people through safer, more reliable plants, ships, offshore facilities and construction projects.

Guido Hufer

Guido Hufer began designing software when he was just 11 years old! Discover how he incorporates his clients' wishes into his work AND learn about his favorite hobby... staring into the night sky with his children.

Jana Miller

Jana Miller uses social media to share the Hexagon PPM story. And as the mother of an autistic son, she also uses social platforms to raise awareness and funds for the support her child – and others like him – need.

Lebron Miles

With a communications background, Lebron Miles enjoys reaching out to people and getting to know what's important to them. When tragedy struck his world, his Intergraph family returned the favor, giving him support, love, and hope.