Smart 3D Plant Structure & Civil Modeling -TSMP1003E

Huntsville, AL
Huntsville, Alabama
17 февраля - 21 февраля

Priced: $2,750 USD

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Windows User Interface - Knowledge of 3D Plant Design CAD Concepts

Restrictions: None.

Recommendations: None.

Discontinued Statement: None.

Description: This course is for Structural Designers who will create structural models. The course features an introduction to the graphics environment followed by equipment & structural modeling techniques.

Major Topics: Overview of Common Graphics Environment - Defining a Working Set - SmartStep Commands and User Options - Interactive Interference Checking - Grid System - Modeling Members - Managing Connections - Fireproofing Members - Modeling Slabs, Walls and Openings - Modeling Stairs, Ladders and Handrails- Modeling Footings and Equipment Foundations - Solid Modeling - Importing and Exporting solids as SAT files - Adding Loads, Releases, Boundary Conditions for Structural Analysis - Creating Mapping file for CIMSteel - Creating CIMSteel file for Structural Analysis and Physical Model.