Smart Electrical Modeling -TSMP1002E

Huntsville, AL
Huntsville, Alabama
27 апреля - 01 мая

Priced: $2,750 USD

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Windows User Interface - Knowledge of 3D Plant Design CAD Concepts.

Restrictions: None.

Recommendations: None.

Discontinued Statement: None.

Description: This course is for Electrical users involved in modeling. The course features an introduction to the graphics environment, equipment modeling, and routing techniques for cableway, cable tray, ductbank and conduit as well as routing cables.

Major Topics: Overview of Common Graphics Environment - Defining a Working Set - SmartStep Commands - Interactive Interference Checking - Equipment Modeling - Cableway and cabletray modeling - Ductbank modeling - Conduit Routing - Hangers & Supports - Routing Cables.