Improving construction through automated inclusion of 3D views in Isogen isometrics

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United States
06 мая, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT

When working on a Plant Design Project it is possible to create tens, hundreds or even thousands of pipelines that must be thoroughly documented. Isogen comes to support your projects with this challenge by providing a batch of isometric drawings that will technically document the components and their relations, on the process line, using very simple 2D graphics.

However, the challenge remains as these 2D documents lack a realistic preview reporting on the actual 3D shape of the pipelines and resolve this problem we invite you to join our upcoming webinar which will showcase how to generate flat-shot 3D model view in ISO drawings.

This session will include:

  • The Integration between CADWorx and Isogen.
  • How an add-in can supplement isometric drawings with a 3D preview.
  • A preview of the components on their process lines and their 3D model drawing and 3D previews.
  • How to configure the viewing angle as well as the total content of the preview.
  • And More!

Meet the presenter:

Marian Banas - Integration Developer at cadvision

Marian has a bachelor’s degree in Game Development and Programming from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, the Netherlands. He started his career at cadvision and has since been working on many projects related to BricsCAD, CADWorx, M-Files and others. He is specialized in doing analysis, software architecture and programming all the way to the implementation at a customer's end.