Smart Construction Administration (TSPC2100E)

Huntsville, AL
07 октября, 08:00 - 09 октября, 17:00

Course Description: This course is intended for individuals who are responsible for configuring and administering the SmartPlant Foundation server for use with Smart Construction. NOTE: This course only covers those areas of SmartPlant Foundation administration that are directly applicable to installing and configuring Smart Construction. There are significant areas of SmartPlant Foundation administration that are not covered in this course. To develop an in-depth knowledge of SmartPlant Foundation administration, we strongly advise taking the SmartPlant Foundation administration training courses offered by Intergraph. Major Topics: Overview of SmartPlant Foundation - Using the SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager tool - Using the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client - Loading the Smart Construction schema and authoring domain - Loading the Smart Construction menus, methods and forms - Configuring Smart Construction Security - Loading 3D Models and 2D Drawings into SmartPlant Construction - Loading Spools into Smart Construction - Configuring Materials and Scheduling systems for use with Smart Construction. Course Prerequisites: None.