SmartPlant Review and Modules (TVIS2250E)

Huntsville, AL
04 мая, 08:00 - 07 мая, 17:00

Course Description: This course is intended for designers and engineers who will be using the SmartPlant Review main application along with its modules for reviewing large complex 3D models for in-depth review and analysis. SmartPlant Review promotes clear and concise visual communication among project team members. SmartPlant Review replaces Intergraph's DesignReview and SmartPlant Viewer products. This course consists of a classroom lecture and lab format. Major Topics: Introduction and Interface - Manipulating Windows and Views - Main View Settings - Save/Recall Views - Motion Control - Level Control - Measurement - Tags - Text Annotation - Getdata - Display Sets - SmartPlant Review Modules -- Construction and Schedule Review -- Simulation and Visual Effects -- Photo Realistic Rendering -- Collaboration. Course Prerequisites: MicroStation 3D Graphics TSYS9503.