Intergraph® LiveView for Engineering

LiveView for Engineering is a powerful and intuitive mobile viewing app that allows you to seamlessly find, view, navigate and print live engineering data to support your work processes.

LiveView for Engineering enables you to find, navigate, review and collaborate on asset engineering data in a modern and intuitive way on iOS and android mobile devices (web browser support will be added in 2019). You can view the data live from the tools in a visual manner with hierarchies, graphical, and as detailed data in grids and table views.

Почему именно LiveView?

Better Experience

Intuitive design and instant access eliminate frustrations and hours of searching for outdated data.

Reduce Project Risk

Having the right information at your fingertips helps you make better, more confident decisions.

Maximize Productivity

With LiveView you can quickly find accurate and up-to-date information early to support your task at hand wherever you are.

Increase Safety

Get information about specific instruments early to see if they need to be changed and mitigate risk.

Improve Communication

Everyone involved can view data through a mobile device. Enable other disciplines to view design data without paper document distribution.

Support Construction Processes

Make project information readily available to all engineering parties involved and collaborate more effectively with your team.

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Modern UX, Easy-To-Use

An Integrated Design & IM Solution

Zero Footprint Viewer & Mobile Platforms, With Same UX

Quickly Translate Into A Fast View Ready Format (2D Only)