Single information platform to improve NIAEP-ASE Nuclear Plant construction

JSC Nizhny Novgorod Engineering Company implemented Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise to create a Multi-D system – a complex, single information platform for industrial construction management

NIAEP-ASE is a leader in the nuclear power engineering sector in Russia. It renders the entire complex of design and engineering survey services in the field of nuclear power engineering – development of design and estimate documentation and technical-economical substantiation of heat and nuclear power plants construction in Russia and abroad, as well as making up to 30 percent of the world power plant design and construction market.

The Challenge

Historically, nuclear power in Russia has been a strong industry supported by scientific and technological developments in the area of reactor design, nuclear fuel, nuclear power plant operation, and high NPP personnel qualification. Russia possesses one of the world’s most advanced enrichment technologies and nuclear power plants with VVER water-moderated, water-cooled power reactors which are increasing their reliability every year thanks to technology advancements.

NIAEP-ASE, the company resulting from the merger of JSC NIAEP and JSC Atomstroyexport (ASE) had undertaken a large amount of projects, and more than 20 NPP projects are currently taking place. Due to this, the company made a decision to develop and launch a system to improve construction processes – Multi-D system. This integrates all tools and disciplines in a single centralized platform (therefore, the name Multi-D system, as opposed to 2D or 3D).

The system aims to optimize the management of three major project conditions – time, quality, and cost. Effectively, the Multi-D system will eventually help the company to develop new business lines and improve performance in main business segments by managing the cost of generating 1KW/H. Intergraph and NIAEP-ASE have enjoyed a long-term collaboration in designing, building, and managing complex and demanding nuclear facilities.

JSC NIAEP defines the project goals, according to its standards, while Intergraph provides engineering software and implementation of plant solutions.

The company considers SmartPlant® Construction to be the key project solution thanks to its ability to solve planning tasks within construction and installation work decision areas. The solution is integrated into SmartPlant Enterprise and provides access to the latest engineering and technical data. Weekly and daily tasks for the construction crew are based on the 3D model, not only on project documentation.

This approach is more illustrative, better for reporting, and more effective. A bidirectional binder with activity progress charts enables easy updates to the main construction chart. An automated labor cost and work duration calculation system provides the opportunity to reduce labor efforts of the task-setter and accelerate cost calculation.

The Solution

The project execution followed a well-planned scheme. First, information models were created in SmartPlant 3D. Then, SmartPlant Construction was implemented in the construction process-scheduling department to improve activity progress charts, time measurement methods, and task descriptions for subcontractors.

Finally, SmartPlant Review was used for detailed modeling of specific edits. SmartPlant Construction enables NIAEP-ASE to work with both activity progress charts and 3D models within a single application, automate the process of task distribution to the construction crew weekly, and automate labor cost evaluation. SmartPlant Construction is well integrated with other software systems used by the customer, in this case, Primavera.

Creating the Multi-D system – a complex, single information platform for industrial construction management – led to:

  • Reduced project time and decreased construction and installation work
  • Optimized construction and installation work execution sequence
  • Personnel capacity optimization during construction
  • Modeling of the assembling processes before work execution
  • Better decision-making and better design decisions due to effective communication between the site and engineers
  • Activity progress chart generation
  • Simplified construction processes control and management
  • Easier transfer of knowledge from project to project than to the database

Intergraph solutions demonstrated possible construction time reduction of the energy unit with VVER water-moderated, water-cooled power reactors from 60 to 48 months. Also, Intergraph technologies are currently being used in ongoing construction processes.

For example, Intergraph made it possible to reduce the welding period of the main circulation water line at Kalinin NPP 4th energy block to 178 days (compared to 250 days planned). Also, the solution helped set up steam generation units at Rostov NPP before the installation works of the reactor vessel at energy unit No. 3 were performed, which eventually saved time due to the reactor vessel delivery delay.

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