Smart 3D Equipment & Piping Reference Data – TSMP3002E

Huntsville, AL
Huntsville, Alabama
10 February - 14 February

Priced: $2,750 USD
Prerequisites: Smart 3D Piping & Equipment Modeling class (TSMP1001) - Working knowledge of Visual Basic programming and development environment - Familiarity with Windows User Interface - Knowledge of 3D Plant Design CAD Concepts.
Restrictions: None.
Recommendations: None.
Discontinued Statement: None.

Description: This class is for Application Specialists involved in the configuration of reference data for Equipment and Piping modeling. This class concentrates on the most common workflows, such as adding a new component to the piping specification, adding new standard equipment, creating a piping specification, and modifying the delivered catalog data. These workflows are presented in lecture/lab format providing insights into the reference data structure along the way.

Major Topics: Catalog & Specification Databases - Bulk load Utility - General Format of Bulk load Files - Adding New Equipment to the Catalog - Creating a New Piping Materials Class - Adding a New Piping Component to a Specification - Adding a New Part to the Catalog - Piping Specification Rules - VB Symbol Wizard.