Smart 3D Drawing Configuration -TSMP2001E

Huntsville, AL
Huntsville, Alabama
24 February - 28 February

Priced: $2,750 USD

Prerequisites: One of the Smart 3D Modeling courses (TSMP1001, TSMP2003, or TSMP2004) - Familiarity with Windows User Interface - Knowledge of 3D Plant Design CAD Concepts

Restrictions: None.

Recommendations: None.

Discontinued Statement: None.

Description: This course is for Application Specialists involved in the configuration and generation of orthographic drawings from the SmartPlant 3D model. The course starts with workflows for generating drawings and editing drawings, followed by various configuration and customization techniques.

Major Topics: Drawing Console - Composed Drawings - Volume Drawings - Creating & Updating Drawings - Section and Detail Views - Drawing Editor - Manual Labels and Dimensions - Border and Layout Templates - View Styles - VHL and Resymbolization - Automated Labels and Dimensions - Troubleshooting.