Smart 3D Plant Structure & Civil Modeling -TSMP1003E

19 July - 23 July

This course is for European Structural Designers who will create structural models and Civil designers who will place ditches and trenches. The course features an introduction to the graphics environment followed by equipment & structural modeling techniques. Major Topics: Overview of Common Graphics Environment - Defining a Working Set - SmartStep Commands and User Options - Interactive Interference Checking - Grid System - Modeling Members - Managing Connections -SDS/2 Connect (optional) - Fireproofing Members - Modeling Slabs, Walls and Openings - Modeling Stairs, Ladders and Handrails - Modeling Footings and Equipment Foundations - Solid Modeling – Placing and Modifying Trenches and Ditches - Exporting Structure Model in CIS/2 format – Importing Detailed Structural Model – Member Autoconnect for imported Structure - Adding Loads, Releases, Boundary Conditions for Structural Analysis.