CADWorx P&ID Professional - (TPID1002)

Derby, United Kingdom
30 September, 10:00 AM - 01 October, 05:00 PM

This user level course is for designers and process engineers involved in the development of P&IDs, who currently work in plain AutoCAD 2D, but want to learn how to use CADWorx P&ID Professional to create intelligent spec-drivenP&IDs, and project reports via a linked project database. Attendees from this course must have knowledge of industrial process engineering design principles, familiarity with the AutoCAD user interface and commands and knowledge of 2D CAD design concepts.

Course Content: 

  • Startup options
  • Set up dialogue box
  • Project database
  • Equipment
  • Process lines
  • Inline components
  • Instruments
  • Flow arrows
  • Off-sheet connectors
  • Process line tags
  • Linking P&IDs
  • Block manager
  • Global and multiple edits
  • Instrument loops
  • Reporting via the Switchboard
  • CADWorx Internet Publisher
  • Legacy drawing conversion
  • Instrument and equipment datasheets