Isogen for CADWorx (TIFC1001)

Derby, United Kingdom
07 March, 10:00 AM - 17:00 PM

This administrator level course is for project administrators or anyone responsible for setting up and configuring Isogen to produce piping isometric deliverables as part of a CADWorx project who want to learn how to configure Isogen drawing and report outputs to optimize them in accordance with their company standards and project requirements. Attendees of this course must have familiarity with the AutoCAD user interface and commands and understanding of how isometrics are generated from CADWorx models.

Course Content: 

  • Introduction to I-Configure
  • Introduction to Isogen Configuration
  • Isogen capabilities in CADWorx
  • Attributes
  • Alternative Text
  • User Fonts
  • Dynamic File Naming
  • Material List
  • Material Group Transfers
  • Cut List
  • Detail Sketches and Notes
  • Custom Symbols
  • Welds and Cut-Piece Add-On Allowances
  • Curved Pipe
  • Mitred Pipe
  • Existing Components
  • Isogen Splitting
  • Continuation Graphics
  • Reference Dimensions
  • Repeatability
  • Isogen Supplemental
  • Supports and Reinforcing Pads/Saddles
  • TAP and OTAP
  • Isogen Settings
  • Isogen error messages in CADWorx
  • PCF Commands
  • Pre- and Post-Processors
  • Project and Style Backup
  • Advanced Isogen Configuration exercise
  • Upgrading from PipMan v2 to I-Configure (optional)
  • Creating a user-defined style template