SPI Update

07 April, 09:30 AM - 09 April, 16:30 PM

Topics Covered:


Administration module:

  • User defined tables and field editor, creating your own select list
  • Access rights changes

 The SQL Editor:

  • Import/export SQL queries
  • Create your own SQL
  • Convert SQL query to query builder format
  • Using the Query Builder Editor
  • Import/export query builder files
  • Create your own query
  • Convert query to EDE view


The Engineering Data Editor (EDE):

  • Using the EDE Explorer
  • Creating/modifying your own private EDE view
  • Creating a union EDE view
  • Defining EDE expressions
  • Comparing EDE view report


Project management: As-Built to Build environment:
  • Claim items from as-built to the project, using to-do list Claim Buffer
  • Copy items from the Claim buffer to the project
  • Copy items from the project back to as-built
  • Merge and deactivate


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