SmartPlant Foundation Document Management, Configuration and Administration (TSPF3000)

Huntsville, AL
10 August - 14 August


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Notes: Class length - 5 Days. Major Topics: Document Management, Security, Report Administration, and Create Custom Schema. SPF Layers, Containers, Database Access and Structure also included. More topics: Loading Custom Schema and Data, Using ViewDefs, RelDefs, EdgeDefs, and GraphDefs, GUI Configuration, Infrastructure Objects, New Site Creation and Configuration and .Configure Custom Schema for Web Client.

Internal Notes: None.

Prerequisites: An understanding of the concepts and materials listed below is strongly recommended. A pre-requisite “white paper” and introductory video on concepts and terminology used in the SmartPlant Foundation Document Management, Configuration and Administration training will be provided via email link to enrolled students prior to the start of class.

Restrictions: None.

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Description: The SmartPlant Foundation (SPF) Document Management, Configuration and Administration course introduces an administrator to a core set of functionalities available in the SPF product. This class begins with an introduction and overview of SPF as well as searching, browsing and navigating existing documents and their files using the SPF Web Client. Document management functions will include the document lifecycle including creating and manipulating new documents. Next, as an SPF administrator, attendees will learn about altering the Out-Of-The-Box (delivered) system by configuring security for the SPF system, extending the graphical user interface and report administration. This class will conclude with information about the SPF infrastructure objects and the schema structure.

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