Herlev, Denmark
08 June, 09:00 AM - 12 June, 04:00 AM

This course is for Structural Designers who will create structural models. The course features an introduction to the graphics environment followed by equipment & structural modeling techniques.

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of common graphics environment
  •  Defining a working set
  •  SmartStep commands and user options
  •  Interactive interference checking
  •  Grid system
  •  Modeling members
  •  Managing connections
  •  Fireproofing members
  •  Modeling slabs, walls and openings
  •  Modeling stairs, ladders and handrails
  •  Modeling footings and equipment foundations
  •  Solid modeling
  •  Importing and exporting solids as SAT files
  •  Adding loads, releases, boundary conditions for structural analysis
  •  Creating mapping file for CIMSteel
  •  Creating CIMSteel file for structural analysis and physical model


  •  Familiarity with Microsoft Windows user interface
  •  Knowledge of 3D plant design CAD concepts