SDx Projects 2019 Administration and Configuration Training (TSDx8051)

Huntsville, AL
03 February - 07 February


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Notes: Class Length is 4.5 Days. TRAINING MATERIALS shall be provided to the Customer in pdf format prior to the scheduled training date. Customer are responsible for printing the training materials for the training class. Distribution of the training materials limited to the students enrolled in the training class. The customer provides the training machines, the required 3rd party software and any required licensing for all products. Intergraph will provide the PPM software and PPM software license keys for the duration of the training class. SETUP of the training machines is not included in the training price. It can be provided by Intergraph for additional charge.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of the SPF Desktop Client and SPF Web Client user interface, SPF security model (covered in the course SPF Basic Authoring TSPE4500). Knowledge of SPF schema and administration (covered in the course SPF Advanced Authoring and Configuration TSPE4510).

Restrictions: Training class size is limited to twelve (12) students. Requests for class sizes larger than twelve (12) students shall be submitted to the PP&M Training Center for pricing information.

Recommendations: None.

Discontinued Statement: None.

Description: SDx Projects uniquely enables owners and contractors to manage the technical complexity of the virtual plant asset and associated work processes in one place, during all phases of the life cycle. This tool enables management of master document register with or without pre-planned revisions, tag control lists, action items, technical queries, and transmittals. You can use the SmartPlant Foundation Web Client to access and work in SDx Projects. The Smart Digital Asset portfolio manages facility information continuously throughout the life cycle. The course focus will  be CFIHOS setup, Project Provisioning, the Submittal Process, Review plan and actions, Consolidation of markups, Report administration and TQs.