SDx Operations - Data Capture Content Administrators Certification Training (TSDX2051)

Huntsville, AL
17 February - 21 February


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Notes: Class Length - 5 days. Major Topics: SDx Operations - Data Capture: Components & Readers and Document and Content Discovery Concepts. Finding sorting & viewing captured documents and drawings. Using the SDx Web Client for document and file viewing. Viewing and creating hotspotted tags in TruView Cloud. Duplicate document resolution. SDx Ops Data Capture Quality Control (QC): Resolve Relationships, Reference Files, Tag Maintenance, Using the Document Workbench, and Tag Completeness Reporting. Defining new Document Discovery Patterns. The Data Capture Task Manager module for Document and Content Discovery Tasks (DDT/CDT). Using the SDx Ops Data Capture,Data Capture Administration module. Details for using the PDF Drawing Pre-Processor and Tag hotspotting rules. Configuring and using the Document and Drawing Readers. High Definition Scanned Laser images and the TruView Cloud. Running Business Intelligence Reports and Adhoc Reports. Demo of the SDx Ops Data Capture Smart Cloud Portal. Using the Import/Export functionality to upload files to the SmartPlant Cloud. Configuring content for a new SDx Ops Data Capture plant. Course Models: 1: Conducted as a Certification of Proficiency class by default with testing and a practical final exam, maximum number of students 8 and SaaS (Software as a Service) in Smart Cloud 2: By special request, conducted as a standard class, no testing, maximum number of students 12 and SaaS in Smart Cloud 3: By model , maximum number of students 8 4: By special request, conducted as OnPrem (On Premises) as a standard class, no testing, maximum number of students 12.

Prerequisites: An understanding of the concepts and materials listed below is strongly recommended: A pre-requisite white paper on concepts and terminology used in SDx Data Capture, Content Administrators training along with a video presentation will be provided via email link to enrolled students prior to the start of class. Software/Services used for this training: SDx Operations (data capture capabilities) and HxGN SDx Web Client (part of Information Management 2019)

Restrictions: This class is a full five (5) days.

Recommendations: None.

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Description: The SDx Operations Data Capture Content Administration Certification (SDxCA) training is an instructor-led 5-day class introducing content management/partner network resource personnel to the concepts and functionality provided by the SDx Operations - Data Capture software service. This course consists of lectures describing the different capabilities of the underlying software (HxGN SDx Operations - Data Capture and HxGN SDx Web Client) reinforced by hands-on activities as well as electronic tests and a final hands-on practical activity to demonstrate the student’s competency and ability to understand and configure an HxGN SDx Operations Data Capture client instance in the Smart Cloud. The class begins with an introduction to HxGN SDx Operations - Data Captures concepts and terminology along with several chapters describing how to use HxGN SDx Operations - Data Capture after it has been installed and configured (a pre-configured training site will be used for these chapters). The user chapters will include information on identifying duplicate documents as well as functionality in the Data Capture Quality Control module used to make any relationship corrections or additions. The Data Capture Data Capture Administration module used to define new organizational items will be discussed as well as defining document discovery patterns for the various readers that are provided; Base Reader, Image Reader (both used for PDF files), Drawing Reader, and Document Reader. Tag hotspotting rules will be discussed as well as Pre-Processing for some of the applicable file types. The class concludes with the work process needed to define and configure the necessary content needed to capture data into a new plant structure.