Intergraph Smart® 3D Setup & Administration Course (TSMP3001)

Online – UK,
United Kingdom
16 August, 10:00 AM - 19 August, 04:00 AM

What will the course cover?

This on-site class is for System Support personnel who are familiar with the Windows Operating System, networking, and databases, and who will be responsible for loading and configuring the software, keeping the system running, and trouble-shooting problems. Project Support personnel, who will be configuring the software, will also benefit from this course, which includes topics such as software setup, database setup, configuring access control, project level settings. The course is in a lecture/lab format.

What are the major topics covered?

  • Overview of Smart 3D System Architecture
  • Database Wizard
  • Project Management Environment
  • Managing Plants
  • Backup & Restore
  • Access Control and Approval Status
  • Work-share Overview
  • Common Environment
  • Systems Specifications
  • Filters
  • Session Templates
  • Space Management
  • Interference Checker Server
  • Model Data Reuse
  • Reference 3D

Would you like to book?

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