PV Elite

29 June - 30 June

What will the course cover?
This course is for pressure vessel and heat exchanger stress engineers/analysts who carry out pressure vessel and/or heat exchanger design to satisfy design code requirements. The class includes a basic introduction to the software (interface, simple data input, editing etc. and then goes on to develop further skills by using PV Elite software to design several equipment configurations to various codes. It also covers other topics which should prove useful for the stress engineer in addition to output interpretation and the production of deliverables.

What are the major topics covered?
  • Toolbars, configuration, units, design parameters, model building basics
  • Material database
  • Simple Component Design
  • Tall Tower and Horizontal vessel to ASME VIII Division 1
  • Code comparisons (ASME VIII, PD 5500 and EN 13445)
  • Designing an EN 13445 vessel
  • Converting models from ASME VIII to EN
  • Fatigue
  • Legs and Lugs and other component designs
  • Fitness of Purpose (API 579)
  • Vessel Design – other general capabilities
  • Heat exchanger designs (Fixed, Submerged Floating Head and U Tube)