18 May

What will the course cover?
This course is for engineers who wish to learn how to design, analyse and evaluate oil storage tanks according to API 650.

What are the major topics covered?
  • Basics of tank construction
  • Allowable materials of construction
  • Notch toughness or - toughness - brittle fracture
  • Allowable design and test stress for carbon steel tanks
  • Units
  • Materials
  • Arrangement of the code
  • Scope and limitations of the code
  • Stress in a tank cylindrical shell from the internal pressure
  • Sample calculation of an API 650 tank cylindrical shell thickness
  • Introduction to the TANK software

Hands-on exercises
  • Basic tank shell analysis
  • Roof analysis
  • Analysis of floor and annular plate
  • Roof-to-shell junctions analysis
  • Roof – Appendix F analysis
  • Wind loading analysis
  • Design of Anchor Bolts
  • Tanks subject to Seismic Loads
  • Design of a roof supported on a structure
  • Design of large diameter tanks
  • Design of tank subject to vacuum