CADWorx® PID Professional Training

26 October, 08:00 AM - 29 October, 05:00 PM

This user level course is for designers and process engineers involved in the development of P&IDs, who currently work in plain CAD 2D, but want to learn how to use CADWorx P&ID Professional to create intelligent spec-driven P&IDs, and, a via a linked project database, project reports. Attendees from this course must have knowledge of industrial process engineering design principles and knowledge of 2D CAD concepts.

Topics Covered:

  • Startup options
  • Set up dialogue box
  • Project database
  • Equipment
  • Process lines
  • Inline components
  • Instruments
  • Flow arrows
  • Off-sheet connectors
  • Process line tags
  • Linking P&IDs
  • Block manager
  • Global and multiple edits
  • Instrument loops
  • Reporting via the Switchboard
  • CADWorx Internet Publisher
  • Legacy drawing conversion
  • Instrument and equipment datasheets


  • 3D CAD experience
  • 2 days
Pricing (USD)
  • $1,000 per enrollment at Intergraph facilities
  • $6,300 (+Instructor Travel Expenses if needed) on-site training for up to 12 people
    • Additional students may enroll for an additional $80 per person
    • On-site training incurs travel expenses per Hexagon PPM Terms and Conditions
Note: All-inclusive group pricing is also available in the contiguous 48-states. Content and duration can be modified -- contact your salesperson for details.
Classes may not be available in all regions and that pricing may vary around the world. Price is subject to change at any time.