Beyond Intergraph Smart P&ID! Optimize your Engineering Time


24 September, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT

Are you looking toincrease productivity, avoid late and expensive changes, optimize processes and increase design quality?

Take full advantage of a rules engine for data consistency, data reuse, change management, integration, and deliverables to support downstream tasks.

Join the upcoming webinar to learn more about how you cansave valuable engineering time and costs by fully utilizing Hexagon's P&ID tools and services.

What you will learn: 

  • Fast and safely insert or modify bulk data on Intergraph Smart® P&ID.
  • Extend and simplify creation and management of traditional Select Lists.
  • How HxGN Service Team could help you tomass-migrate P&ID diagrams from traditional draft formats to intelligent P&ID drawings.
  • And much more!

Join this webinar to learn how you can improve your Intergraph Smart® P&ID productivity. 


DATE: 24 September, 2020

TIME: 16:00 CEST

Meet the Presenter


     Waldir Pimentel Junior
     Subject Matter Expert, Hexagon

Waldir is a Senior Industry Consultant at Hexagon for EMIA region. He provides consulting, support, customizations and developments of systems to mount / lead teams responsible for infrastructure implementations in companies of all sizes - from a big oil/chemical companies to smaller ones.