SmartPlant Integration and Mapping for Tool Experts (TSPE5100E)

Huntsville, AL
04 May, 08:00 AM - 08 May, 12:00 PM

Course Description: The SmartPlant Integration and Mapping for Tool Experts course is designed to introduce an administrator or advanced user to the integration concepts and functionality available in the SPF product, version 2016. The class begins with an overview of integration and continues with end-user activities dealing with navigation in an integrated environment. Topics that follows explore the integration/CDW configuration and mapping procedures, and integration scenarios involving the Publish/Compare and Publish/Retrieve processes using various SmartPlant authoring tools. Most topics in the class are presented as interactive activities followed by hands-on exercises. Course Prerequisites: Knowledge of a of a SmartPlant Enterprise authoring tool. Knowledge of the SPF user interface is preferred.