20151202 Unlock the Value in Your Isogen® Piping Data: Introducing Isogen Publisher

Isogen® is the most widely used software for the automated generation of piping isometric drawings. Most commercially available 3D design solutions for piping systems either use Intergraph® Isogen directly or support the Isogen data file formats – the Piping Component File (PCF) or the Isogen Data File (IDF).

In this webinar, attendees were able to hear about the new Isogen Publisher software. How Isogen Publisher software can unlock this data by making it SmartPlant® Enterprise-ready, so it can be used by solutions like SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators, SmartPlant Construction, and Intergraph Smart™ 3D in the fields of piping asset management, construction planning, and piping data transfer.

Download this webinar, originally presented on December 2, 2015, to hear David Myall, Isogen Publisher expert, explain:

  • The value proposition for this approach
  • How the software works
  • The main workflows it will support