20150923 Enabling the Digital Chain - Piping Fabrication and Construction with SmartPlant® Spoolgen

Recorded Date: September 23, 2015

Everyone knows the importance of supporting a data-centered work flow on projects. One company that understands this and is making it real in its work on fabrication and construction project is JH Kelly. JH Kelly receives piping data in the form of Isogen® files and uses SmartPlant® Spoolgen to create the documentation and deliverables needed for their internal work processes.

SmartPlant Spoolgen is a proven, industrial-strength application that enable the creation of piping isometric drawings for fabrication and erection from the design created during the detail engineering phase of projects. Not only does this achieve outstanding productivity but delivers better, more consistent results for the client.

The presenter, Jeremy Jones from JH Kelly who has extensive hands-on experience with this workflow, will be sharing with our attendees on his experience using SmartPlant Spoolgen.

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  • Engineering and design teams need to take into account the needs of fabrication and construction.
  • Optimizing internal processes is not enough.