20150902 Intergraph Smart™ Standard Database (SDB) for Hangers and Supports, Essential Catalog Data for all Smart 3D Customers

Intergraph® will soon release a new product, Intergraph Smart™ Standard Database (SDB) for Hangers and Supports. This webinar focuses on describing this new product and illustrating how it can be a benefit to your organization.

The SDB for Hangers and Supports is a catalog of 100 support types and more than 300 sample supports that can be easily customized from Excel only – no programming required. This catalog is designed to cover about 80 percent of standard support specifications in both onshore and offshore industries.

While its name might suggest otherwise, SmartPlant® Reference Data and the SDB are NOT prerequisites for this product. Please download this recorded webinar, originally presented on September 2, 2015, to learn more about this product.