20150129 Introduction to Easier Tag Register Production And Management - Launching SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry

SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry (MTR) is Intergraph®’s new module for tag management and tag register production. This approach transforms how businesses prepare and execute handover of tag registers: it enables a paradigm shift from traditional inefficient methods for creating handover registers.

Download this GetSmart! Webinar, orginally presented on January 29, 2015, to see how data collection is shifted to earlier in the project, enabling the project team to proactively identify and resolve issues as they arise, instead of being delayed making them harder and more costly to resolve. Learn how SmartPlant MTR reduces manual work involved in collecting and combining data from disparate sources with:

  • Preconfigured sample registers.
  • Register generation.
  • Register configuration.
  • Monitoring tag data.
  • Vendor collaboration.